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bass clarinets German system the concept - as simple as ingenious: indeed the advantages from German grasp way with characteristic sound widen böhm to combine. This completely again developed bass clarinet also far Boehmbore is appropriate for the German grasp way. Except the provided standard mouthpiece also all usual böhm bass clarinetmouthpieces and sheets can be used. Due to the far drilling the instrument responds by far more easily than German bass clarinets with the closer drilling used so far. For the same reason the sound of the clarinet is softer and darker. The use of deposited Grenadillwood, in addition silvered flap mechanics and a altogether very solid manufacturing relating to crafts settle this instrument in the elevated quality range. By the use of two over blowing flaps (instead of a complicated and repair-susceptible mechanism) this clarinet can be strained heedlessly in the daily employment and is almost everlasting. Mainly for the symphonic brass orchestra and for schools of music conceived instrument is applicable owing to its outstanding Tone-und tendency qualities at any time also in Symphonie-und opera orchestra. Luggage case and mouthpiece are contained in the scope of supply. With its uniquely favourable price this new development closes a gap in so far the offer present on the market and embodies on the other hand a Top hit in the price performance ratio.

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